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Montgomery County COVID Relief Funding Summary Released

Montgomery County Relief Funding Breakdown for 2020
Montgomery County Relief Funding Breakdown for 2020

While federal lawmakers are debating another coronavirus response bill, Montgomery County officials have released a summary of how they spent 2020’s CARES Act funds. The county’s share totaled more than $92 million dollars.

In Tuesday’s county commission meeting, County Administrator Michael Colbert presented an itemized breakdown of how Montgomery County spent its CARES Act funds. The spending was broad, going to things like housing and utility assistance, education programs, small business grants, and public service programs.

Colbert credited the quick action of Montgomery County’s commissioners and county administrators.

"We were one of the first counties out the gate," he said. "The state and some of the other counties utilized our program standards to model their program. We became kind of the example for the other counties throughout the state."

The county established their Office of CARES Act in May of 2020.

All of its funds were required to be allocated by December 31st of last year.

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