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Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown Responds To Storming Of The Capitol

Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown.
Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown.

Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown is joining other U.S. lawmakers in an effort to hold President Donald Trump accountable for the storming of the U.S. Capitol. Brown said at a press conference Friday that he believes cooperation between the left and right is important in stopping the president from doing further damage in the remainder of his term.

“I think he is unhinged, I think he’s angry, I think he thinks he was wronged. How he lashes out could take a lot of different forms," Brown said. "That’s why it’s important that more Republicans talk about impeachment and talk about restraining him one way or another.”

Brown says he’s shocked by how unprepared the Capitol Police appeared to be for the rioters. He hopes the security will be much tighter at Biden’s inauguration later this month.

“I’ve already overheard conversations about ‘you ain’t seen nothing yet, wait ‘til January 20th and this time we’ll be armed.’" Brown said. "And the Capitol Police, the D.C. Police, the National Guard, the Defense Department, the military need to be ready.”

Brown says if Vice President Pence and the cabinet don’t invoke the 25th Amendment to remove Trump over the next couple of days, Congress will pursue impeachment proceedings next week.

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