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WYSO Weekend: November 15, 2020

In this edition of WYSO Weekend:

There’s a new mobile grocery store in Dayton. It travels the city, making stops in food deserts and giving residents a chance to buy groceries close to home. WYSO’s Jason Reynolds says it’s the latest service from a local non-profit called Homefull.

In a typical year, it's an uneasy task for the nation's child welfare system to recruit new foster parents. Now there are signs the pandemic and financial issues are making it even harder. WYSO’s Jess Mador reported on this story for NPR this week. Host Ailsa Chang introduced the story.

The COVID-19 pandemic is fueling another public health crisis -- involving addiction. The added stress and uncertainty can make people in recovery more vulnerable to relapse. But as Side Effects Public Media’s Christine Herman reports, some say treatment prepared them for what was to come.

Our next story tells us that more than twenty-two thousand people are released from prison every year in Ohio. It asks what exactly are they up against as they re-enter society. This week we began our second season of ReEntry Stories and where we hear about the lives of some formerly incarcerated citizens in Ohio.

Then... The Bind that Ties - our series about immigrants who’ve come to live, work and raise families in southwest Ohio, Followed by one of our favorite “Best of Dayton Youth Radio stories. It’s from Kaylynn Lorene, who recorded it back in 2017 when she was a high school senior at the David H. Ponitz Career Technology Center in Dayton.

Finally, we bring you Bill Felker with Poor WIll’s Almanack to tell us more about times of transition.

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