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Book Nook: The Chain, by Adrian McKinty

One year ago Adrian McKinty published his propulsive breakout thriller "The Chain." I have been trying to book him on the program ever since and when the novel was issued in paperback I finally had my chance and I wasn't going to miss it.

The ominous cover illustration provides readers with a hint about the dark journey that awaits them. An empty child's swing dangles there. What happened to the child? This shocking graphic alludes to the gist of McKinty's plot; a sinister organization is abducting children and then forcing the families of the missing kids to participate in abducting even more victims if they ever want to see their own children alive again. They have become the latest participants in "The Chain." If they make the blunder of notifying the authorities about what is happening even worse things will happen. They are being effectively silenced by their own fears.

In this interview Adrian shared the incredible story of how an idea he had years before when he was in Mexico City eventually became the basis for this story. He had scribbled down some notes on a few sheets of hotel stationary then forgot about them. He had other more pressing concerns on his mind. The back story of how "The Chain" became a best-selling novel that has won numerous awards is truly an inspiring tale.

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