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The Little Art Theatre In Yellow Springs Will Wait Out The Pandemic

The Little Art Theatre in Yellow Springs is shutting down until the pandemic lessens and public demand for film increases.

When the theatre reopened in July, they knew they’d be losing money, but they didn’t know how much they’d be losing.

"There were so few people coming to the theatre that the losses were greater than we expected. So, the theatre can last longer by shutting down and waiting for a time when people are ready to come back," says Scott Geisel, president of the the Little Art’s board of directors.

He notes that the Little Art is a non-profit that’s supported by business partners and donors they call “Friends of the Little Art.”

He says that puts them in a unique position to survive the pandemic. But it also means that closing down is necessary, so they don’t lose too much money playing films to a mostly empty house.

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