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Best of the Book Nook: What Remains by Nicholas Delbanco


Once upon a time authors went out on book tours. They would travel around the country and meet their readers in bookstores and libraries and all sorts of literary venues. The prevalence of authors going out on book tours has been in decline since the financial crisis of 2008. After that publishers began tightening their budgets and if you were not an author with a big name they were much more reluctant to subsidize your plane tickets and hotel expenses.

Once upon a time even first time authors headed out on book tours. Once upon a time....now this global pandemic has brought physical book touring to a grinding halt. Ah, the things we once took for granted!

Twenty years ago a writer named Nicolas Delbanco came through our area on book tour. He was publicizing a novel called "What Remains" and it was clearly a deeply autobiographical work. I loved the book. The author came out to our studios for a live interview and it was one of those magical conversations that one always hopes will happen. That was my only interview with him and he was so appreciative that I was so engaged with what he had written. That day he did some readings from his novel and they were wonderful.

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