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Best of the Book Nook: Bright-Sided, by Barbara Ehrenreich


Barbara Ehrenreich is one of my favorite people to interview. I have never met her in person and I have only talked to her twice but, wow, what an impact she has made on me. Barbara tells it like it is. She's brilliant and articulate and she has very progressive values. She is also fearless.

When Barbara was being treated for breast cancer she became appalled by many aspects of the experience; the ghastliness of the treatments she endured, the attitudes of some of the people who were treating her, and the outlooks of some of the women she met who had undergone similar experiences.

More than anything Barbara wants us to be realistic. Reality can be difficult to face. In her book "Bright-Sided" she addresses what she considers to be delusional thinking. She confronts the platitudes of a movement that seems to be out of touch with reality and she performs her verbal scalpel work with precision and just a touch of gallows humor.

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