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Book Nook: Egg: A Culinary Exploration of the World's Most Versatile Ingredient by Michael Ruhlman


Recently a print journalist I know was expressing her consternation on Twitter. She had been listening to NPR and was somewhat puzzled because the people who were broadcasting were using verbs like "look" and "see." She thought they should be saying "listen" or "hear," instead. Because it was radio, you know, not film, or television.

Well, I tried to describe to her how radio programs can be a medium for connecting with all of our senses. If we are listening to our radios and the people who are creating it are truly merging with our thoughts then we will be imagining our seeing and smelling and tasting, as well. It isn't just about hearing. If you are really engaging your audience then they are listening and feeling and sensing and experiencing all these vicarious emotions and senses. That's one the great things about good radio, it connects with our imaginations.

That's one reason that I love to talk to my guests about food. If we are doing it right listeners will be figuratively inhaling the aromas coming out of their speakers. They'll be experiencing the sizzling and steaming and braising and baking in their minds.

I love interviewing the food writer Michael Ruhlman. He has a gift for describing food and cooking that really connects with the audience. I am certain it does because when I'm talking to him my appetite is aroused and I almost begin salivating.

As you listen to our conversation about his book 'Egg: A Culinary Exploration of the World's Most Versatile Ingredient" I can almost guarantee you'll be inspired to head out to the kitchen and whip up some tasty grub.

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