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WYSO Weekend: April 05, 2020

In this edition of WYSO Weekend:

Up front, just one of the pressing stories we’re following this week as the pandemic continues…. The coronavirus is putting additional stress on Ohio’s already strained foster care system. For Ohio Public Media, WCPN’s Taylor Haggerty says concerns about the virus have stalled licensing for potential foster parents…. Then, throughout this coronavirus crisis, officials have been repeating the same refrain over and over again. Stay at home: "Stay away from other people. Wash your hands, Don’t touch your face. Stop this virus’s spread." It turns out, this new normal comes from a very old playbook. WYSO’s Jason Saul has this story….

Credit Jerry Kenney / WYSO Public Radio

When 83-year-old Lois Christel went to the Springfield Meijer store last week, she found the toilet paper shelves already bare. But that’s not what sent the retired hospital infection control expert home in tears. WYSO Clark County reporter Tom Stafford spoke with her.

Today, we’re sharing some of the voicemails you’ve shared with us for our ongoing project -- we’re calling it "Alone Together." It’s where we ask you to tell us how you're getting through the pandemic -- how it's affecting you at work and at home, and what tips or suggestions you might have for others. *We're looking for your stories, too. Leave us a voicemail on our listener line, 937-769-1374, or email a voice memo from your cell phone to alone together at www.wyso.org.

Every spring the American Woodcock migrates north to the moist soils throughout eastern North America. The aerial mating display of the male birds can be seen across the prairies of the Miami Valley. Last month, WYSO’s Leila Goldstein went scouting for American Woodcocks in Charleston Falls Preserve. And, our very own Bill Felker to tells his thoughts on Springtime and the living world around us… with Poor Will’s Almanack.

Area high school students are at home now - since classes have been suspended. Today on our series, the Best of Dayton Youth Radio, we hear from a student who learned to appreciate old vinyl records from her younger brother and her dad. Her name is Zoe Williams. *This story originally aired in 2018. After her high school graduation, Zoe Williams’ youth radio story was selected by the Scholastic Books Listen and Learn Program and is used by English teachers in schools all over the United States.

The Rangers are the most elite large-scale fighting force in the Army. In order to become a Ranger, one must pass a series of tests that push the body and mind to the limit. But soldiers don’t become Rangers all by themselves. Today on Veterans’ Voices, Army Ranger Sam Surowitz of Dayton remembers the support he got from his military leaders.

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