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Book Nook: Dark Towers, by David Enrich


President Trump has a complicated financial history. When he was running for president in 2016 he refused to release his tax returns. Presidential candidates who are interested in providing some transparency regarding their financial records will usually disclose such information. He said he could not release his tax returns because they were under audit but that he would release them eventually. That was three years ago and he continues to block any efforts to have that information revealed.

Donald Trump has obtained many loans over the years to finance his business interests. When he was running for president it was important for him to be able to say that he was able to obtain business loans. He borrowed about two billion dollars from Deutsche Bank over the years and that financial institution had been his lender of choice. In fact, they seemed to be the only bank in recent years that would still agree to make loans to him.

The New York Times journalist David Enrich has written a fascinating account of Donald Trump's banking history with this institution in "Dark Towers: Deutsche Bank, Donald Trump, and an Epic Trail of Destruction." We are living in a world with many distractions. Even so, this book will attract the attention of many readers as we prepare for our next presidential election.

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