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Ohio Is Searching For All Its Bald Eagle Nests (And You Can Help)

A Bald Eagle feeding its chick.
A Bald Eagle feeding its chick.

In 1979 there were just four pairs of Bald Eagles left nesting anywhere in Ohio.

Habitat loss and the misuse of pesticides had almost wiped the bird out.

However, decades of conservation work has paid off. There are now Bald Eagles all over the state, and in 2012 the bird was removed from Ohio’s endangered list.

But 2012 was also the last time anybody counted the birds’ nests. State biologists think there are about 350 nesting pairs in Ohio — but nobody knows for sure.

Well, it’s mid-February, and Bald Eagles in Ohio are nesting and laying eggs right now. So scientists are asking the public for help.

"We have a link online that you'll be able to go to and enter in where you're seeing these Bald Eagles," says Kathy Garza-Behr, of the Division of Wildlife. "Then it will ask you for the exact location. That way we can plot them on a map and get a better feel for where these birds are located."

If you think you see a Bald Eagle nest, you can add it to the survey.


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Jason Saul is a public radio journalist and producer who moved to the Miami Valley to help build a new culture of nonprofit journalism here in Southwest Ohio.