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Book Nook: Gun Island, by Amitav Ghosh


Amitav Ghosh returned to the program to discuss his latest novel, "Gun Island." The first two times he appeared on the show it was to talk about this second and third books in his Ibis Trilogy. Those massive volumes were set during the period of the Opium Wars and were works of historical fiction that had me presuming that "Gun Island" would also be set during some long ago era. However this is not the case.

"Gun Island" takes place during our current times and the main themes in the book are climate change and immigration. The book is also quite a bit shorter than the books in the Ibis Trilogy. While many authors might consider a 300 page book to be fairly lengthy this one is actually somewhat terse for Ghosh.

I admire the works of Amitav Ghosh. This is a timely book.

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