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Book Nook: A Better Man, by Louise Penny


A few years ago I received an e-mail from the publicist for the author Louise Penny. She was wondering if I would be reviewing the latest book in Penny's massively popular series set in Quebec which features Inspector Armand Gamache. When I responded I asked her if Louise would be willing to be my guest on the radio. I wasn't expecting a positive response. I understood how an author who routinely tops the best-seller lists might be too busy to make an appearance in The Book Nook.

I was pleasantly surprised when her publicist answered by assenting to my request. We did an interview and I was completely charmed by Louise Penny. She is incredibly nice.

When her next book came out I was delighted to receive another e-mail from her publicist asking if I might want to interview Louise again. Of course I agreed and we had another lovely conversation about that book.

This summer her book "A Better Man" was about to be released and I was able to arrange a third interview with the author. We actually recorded it before the book came out. Once again I was amazed by how wonderful and articulate and charming Louise Penny can be. I love interviewing her. And I have to say that I'm growing quite fond of her publicist as well for making these interviews happen.

That's three interviews in a row now with Louise Penny. All three of those books have debuted at #1 on the New York Times fiction best-seller list. Louise Penny is immensely popular with her readers. She's quite popular with me, too.

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