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School Report Card Results Due Thursday

Ohio school report cards will be released Thursday, according to the Ohio Department of Education.  This year’s results were supposed to determine whether Dayton Public Schools would be taken over by an Academic Distress Commission. Three consecutive years of failing grades trigger a takeover, and the district has received failing grades for the past two years.

But in July, state lawmakers put a moratorium on school takeovers, sparing Dayton for another year. Advocates, including Dayton School Board Vice President Jocelyn Rhynard, have pushed for the complete abolishment of the state takeover system, saying it hampers a district’s efforts to improve. 

Lawmakers are now debating what to do with the system. One bill would eliminate it altogether. Other proposals include giving more control to local school districts during the process.

So far, three Ohio school districts have been taken over so far. Dayton was the only district in the state to earn a second consecutive F last year. Nine other districts received their first. 

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