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Autopsy Results Released In Oregon District Mass Shooting

Montgomery County Coroner Kent Harshbarger says the gunman who killed nine people in the Oregon District had ingested cocaine, alcohol, and Xanax prior to the August 4 attack. Officials say full toxicology results on the shooter may take up to six weeks.

Two victims in the shooting were also injured by police gunfire. Both victims were shot by the gunman before sustaining wounds from law enforcement. The coroner says one victim was wounded superficially by a police bullet. In the other case, the officer’s bullets would have been lethal, but the victim had been mortally wounded by the gunman.

The gunman was shot by police at least two dozen times, according to the autopsy.   

“This incident involved an intense firefight. There's rarely seen other than in combat in an active shooter incidents,” said Dayton Police Chief Richard Biehl in a Thursday press conference.

It’s unclear if police gunfire injured survivors of the attack. 

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