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Book Nook: Stone Mothers, by Erin Kelly


There are some really wonderful people who work in the publishing industry. I deal with publicists who help me to book interviews with authors and many of them are quite passionate about the books and authors they are trying to promote. I have one publicist who has arranged many interviews for me over the years and he has a good sense of which books to suggest and authors who I might wish to interview.

He thought that I might want to talk to an English author named Erin Kelly. She has a new novel out, "Stone Mothers," and he believed I might like it. He was so right. Her book is an incredible work of psychological suspense! He arranged for Erin to call me from London to record this radio show. When I got her on the phone I quickly understood that she is a gifted mystery writer who also gives fabulous interviews. What a combination!

During our conversation she talked about how she enjoys "wrong footing" her readers. I didn't realize that such a term existed! And it is so true, she wrong foots us right from the start of this taut thriller. She taught me a lot about her craft during this interview-I cannot wait to read her next book.

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