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Book Nook: Lessons from Lucy - the Simple Joys of an Old, Happy Dog, by Dave Barry


I just looked up Dave Barry's new book on Amazon and noticed that it is the #1 best seller in the "Mid-Life Management" category. I wish I had known to mention that to Dave when I interviewed him. I'm certain he would have had something funny to say about that.

The last time I had him on the program it was 1997 and Dave was on the leading edge of high-tech with his book "Dave Barry in Cyberspace." Dave was 48 and he was very amusing that day. Now Dave is 70 and he's starting to become somewhat more reflective. He has an elderly dog named Lucy. She's 10 and in dog years she would be 70, too. Dave has decided that his dog has some ways of approaching life that might be good things for him to emulate.

It's a wise book. And it's funny. Dave hasn't lost his funny yet. I like Dave. I suppose at this rate I'll be talking to him again when he's 92.

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