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Book Nook: The Appalachian Way in Coal Country, by Lois Walker West


Lois Walker West remembers the way things used to be. In her memoir "The Appalachian Way in Coal Country" she recalls a simpler life that her family lived in a remote hollow in Kentucky during the waning days of the Great Depression.

The family lived on a hillside. There was no electricity and no running water. They burned coal for heat and went to their spring house for water. You could not drive to their house. They did not own a car. The family grew lots of their own food. They had a big vegetable garden.

Those were simpler times and after you listen to Lois remembering those days; the wild flowers, the luscious taste of a freshly picked tomato from their garden, the way that neighbors looked out for each other, you might for just a moment wonder if they might have been better times, too.

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