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Book Nook: The Best of Shuly Cawood

Shuly Cawood
Shuly Cawood

Shuly Cawood returned to the program for her fourth interview in less than two years. The first time I had her on the show it was to talk about her memoir "The Going and Goodbye." Shuly returned to the program last year to share some of her poetry with us. Then late last year we had Shuly back on again for her book "52 Things I Wish I Had Told Myself When I Was 17."

When I heard that Shuly would be back in her hometown of Yellow Springs for a book signing I simply had to ask her back for yet another visit. It's not just because Shuly is a brilliant memoirist. She is. It wasn't on account of the wonderful advice she provided in her book "52 Things." It wasn't just because April is National Poetry Month and I was hoping that Shuly would share some of her poetry.

No, the main reason we had Shuly back on again is because she is so much fun. And she has a lovely laugh. Of course I wanted to have another poetry duel with Shuly, too!

I hope you like it!

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