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Book Nook: The Stalker by Lars Kepler


Lars Kepler is the pen name for a pair of writers who live in Stockholm, Sweden. Alexandra Coelho Ahndoril and Alexander Ahndoril are married and they have had successful careers as writers writing separately. In this interview they describe how they decided to collaborate on a series of thrillers that feature a Swedish police detective named Joona Linda. It wasn't easy at first but once they figured out how to write smoothly as a team the novels have been flowing and readers have been loving their books.

"The Stalker" is the scariest book I have read in a long while. Alexandra gets so frightened when she is creating this fiction that it gives her nightmares. Once you read this story I think you'll understand why that is. Oh, and you will never be able to look at a yellow raincoat again without feeling some sense of dread. The Ahndorils called in from Stockholm for this interview and it was truly a pleasure to converse with the authors known as Lars Kepler.

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