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Best of the Book Nook: Why Christianity Must Change or Die, by John Shelby Spong


When John Shelby Spong came out to our studios in 1999 he was the Episcopalian Bishop of Newark, New Jersey. He was also a mild-mannered lightning rod for controversy.

As you listen to this interview I think you'll begin to understand why Bishop Spong's powerful message might have been creating alarm among some Christians.

Back when this program was aired WYSO had only recently begun to have an on-line presence. In those days band width was an expensive concern for public radio stations. It was a costly proposition to have audio content uploaded on websites. This interview was so memorable and impressive that it was one of only two interviews that we had available as an archived file on the website for listeners to access at any time. Fortunately over the intervening years the technology has improved and band width is not the issue it used to be. We have over 500 author interviews archived on the site now as podcasts and we are adding more all the time. Here's another one!

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