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Best of the Book Nook: L.A. Requiem by Robert Crais


Robert Crais returned to the program in 1999 to discuss a book that represents a pivot point in his career. His previous books featuring the Los Angeles based PI Elvis Cole had been almost light hearted in comparison to the novels that were to follow. The publication of his book "L.A. Requiem" twenty years ago marked a sea change in this series and even in the characterizations of Elvis Cole and his sidekick Joe Pike.

This book was much darker and Joe Pike began assuming a larger role in the stories. Crais employed a new technique for him; flashbacks, as readers were taken back to Pike's troubled childhood. Elvis Cole toned down his wise cracks as well.

Over the years Robert Crais has made many appearances on the program. In fact there are only a couple of writers who have appeared on the show more times than Bob. As you listen to this interview you'll notice that we have an easy rapport that has continued to this day.The Book Nook on WYSO is presented by the Greene County Public Library with additional support from Washington-Centerville Public Library,  Clark County Public LibraryDayton Metro LibraryWright Memorial Public Library, and Microsun Lamps.

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