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Best of the Book Nook: Dave Barry in Cyberspace, by Dave Barry

Dave Barry is one of those humorists who is always on. He's relentless. He never stops cracking jokes. In this interview Dave had some fun talking about this book that was on the cutting edge of computer technology when it came out in 1997. The world of computing has changed a lot since then and Dave's descriptions of what seemed high tech 22 years ago now seem rather quaint.

Dave even brought along his laptop computer for the interview. He had a software program that created rude anagrams derived from the letters in my name. I have encountered Dave a few times since then at conventions and he was always exactly the same; constantly cracking wise throughout every conversation. It takes quite a bit of stamina to be funny all the time. Barry still puts out books and who knows, perhaps I can get another interview with him some time? I would love to see if he's still on all of the time. The man is in his seventies now. I wonder if he's still funny? Probably. There's certainly plenty of subjects to make jokes about these days.

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