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Best of the Book Nook: 2018 Fiction Interviews

Vick Mickunas

We closed out the year with some of my favorite interviews for works of fiction during 2018. I chose excerpts from three interviews that were some of my most enjoyable conversations about some of my best loved novels. One interview was actually recorded in December of 2017. The book came out in January of 2018 and we aired it then. My guest was an author who has appeared on this program more times than any other writer. The first time I interviewed him was in 1997. He came out to Yellow Springs to do that interview. This author used to do extensive book tours but he doesn't tour any more. He's now in his early 80's. He continues to publish new books every year. I have already interviewed him in 2019. The novel he published a year ago is in my opinion, his best book yet. During this retrospective I recited the opening paragraphs of the book. As you listen to my recitation I hope that you'll concur that he is one heck of a writer.

The photo on this page is a teaser. Now and then a publisher will send me a book that has artwork on the outside packaging. In this photo you can see the cover art for a new book that will be out soon. It is the first book in a planned fantasy trilogy. This author is not known for writing fantasy. I'll give you a hint; he's a past recipient of the Dayton Literary Peace Prize. Watch out for a book with this artwork. I hope to have the author on the program again soon

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