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Book Nook: Rampage - MacArthur, Yamashita, and the Battle of Manila, by James M. Scott


James M. Scott returned to the program to discuss his latest World War Two history book. Scott gives readers an in-depth look at what occurred in what was once one of the most beautiful cites in Asia during the closing days of the war. Scott believes that the Battle of Manila had not received extensive coverage before now. He takes readers through the events that took place during the war as the Philippines were invaded by the Japanese and the American defenders and their leader, General Douglas MacArthur were driven away as MacArthur uttered his famous promise that "I shall return."

Scott gives readers many first person accounts from Americans who spent the war as captives of the Japanese. Their stories are frequently heart-breaking, they had very little to eat and their captors were committing atrocities that significantly increased as the American forces were preparing to take back the islands. MacArthur believed the Japanese would abandon Manila without a fight. He was proved to be wrong. The Japanese fought the Americans to the death and when it was finally over the city lay in ruins.

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