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WYSO's Sonic 60th: Miami Valley Corn Mazes


We’re celebrating WYSO’s 60th birthday this year by listening to highlights from our historic audio collection.

In 2001, WYSO news director Aileen LeBlanc produced a story about corn mazes for her Friday afternoon program called Sounds Local. She went to the corn maze at Young’s Jersey Dairy outside Yellow Springs, and then, another maze called Tom’s Maze in Germantown.

These days, Aileen LeBlanc is a freelance producer out of Beaufort, South Carolina. And here at WYSO, we’re celebrating 60 years of great local stories in Southwest Ohio. You can record a birthday greeting for WYSO.  Here's how:

Plan a message about 90 seconds long.  You can start it like this:

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  • My favorite memory of WYSO is_________________
  • I hope WYSO never loses its ______________________
  • The funniest thing I ever heard on WYSO is _______________________
  • Listening to WYSO has been important to me over the years because_____________________.
  • WYSO is different from other radio stations because_________________.

…or craft your own message.
Record this on the voice memo app on your phone.  Send that to: wyso@wyso.org

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