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Book Nook: An Interview With Kent And Kevin Dixon About The Epic Of Gilgamesh


"The Epic of Gilgamesh" is an ancient tale. It is probably the oldest story that we know about. It was discovered during the 19th century when some clay tablets were unearthed in the Middle East. The story had been written on the tablets in cuneiform characters and over the intervening years has been translated numerous times. Some of the tiles were missing fragments but most of the story had survived intact.

Kent Dixon spent years putting together his own version of the story. He based it upon his studies of the cuneiform and many of the previous translations. As he explains in this interview he tried to make the story more vibrant than some of the earlier versions. Kent's son Kevin Dixon is a brilliant cartoonist and he spent years creating the illustrations for his father's translation of Gilgamesh in graphic novel narrative form.

Over the years that I have hosted this program I have interviewed married couples together on a number occasions and parents and children separately; for example: the novelist James Lee Burke and then his daughter the novelist Alafair Burke. I have interviewed a mother and her daughter together. This was my first interview with a father and his son together in the studio.

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