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Book Nook: An Interview With James Thomas, Co-editor Of New Micro-Exceptionally Short Fiction


We live in highly compressed times. Everything is moving super fast; social media, the news cycle, climate change, political scandals, you name it. And with this barrage of information our attention spans are getting overloaded. Many readers would never consider bothering to read a 300 page book. Not enough time they would say. Too busy.

Well, James Thomas has spent decades putting together anthologies of short stories that seemingly keep getting shorter and shorter with each new installment. His latest project, "New Micro-Exceptionally Short Fiction," is a collection of stories that are so incredibly short they would seem to be ideal for our current age of dwindling focus. No story is over 300 words long.

And if you are not getting into a particular story you can flip the page and read the next one. I think James Thomas is on to something here.

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