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Book Nook: Sunrise Highway, by Peter Blauner


Peter Blauner returned to the program to discuss his second book in a series that features an NYPD detective named Lourdes Robles. Robles is an unlikely law officer, she has had a difficult past, her father is serving time in prison. Fortunately for Lourdes she has had a great mentor named Sully who we met in the first book "Proving Ground." Sully is retired now but Lourdes has maintained that relationship and as this book reaches a stunning conclusion Sully is very much involved in the ultimate result.

"Sunrise Highway" is a police procedural that gives readers a rather unique perspective on tracking down a serial killer who has been operating for decades on Long Island without really causing law enforcement to react or for that matter to even admit that there was a serial killer actively murdering women right under their noses.

Lourdes encounters significant resistance from the police on Long Island. Blauner gives us a police procedural from the serial killer's viewpoint and that aspect of the story is an absolute stunner. Wow, I loved this story. There's a twist at the end that might knock you right off of your sofa.The Book Nook on WYSO is presented by the Greene County Public Library with additional support from Washington-Centerville Public Library,  Clark County Public LibraryDayton Metro LibraryWright Memorial Public Library, and Microsun Lamps.

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