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Best Of The Book Nook: And My Shoes Keep Walking Back To You, by Kathi Kamen Goldmark


In 2002 I had a very special guest come out to our studios in Yellow Springs to see me. Kathi Kamen Goldmark had been to Yellow Springs many times before. She was a graduate of Antioch College. On this particular occasion she came here for only one reason, to do this interview live in our WYSO studios.

She had a day off between events on her schedule. The day before she had been featured at the Jewish Book Festival in Detroit. And after our interview she went back to the Cincinnati airport to fly to Atlanta for the Jewish Book Festival there the following day. I had known Kathi for a number of years. She had worked as a book publicist for Harper San Francisco and had worked with me on several occasions to book guests for the Book Nook. It was a real treat to switch her role around and have her appear in the capacity of the author of a humorously poignant novel that she gave the title ""And My Shoes Keep Walking Back to You."

Kathi was a woman with many talents. She was a singer who performed regularly and during this interview we spun a few tunes from the companion CD that she recorded as a publicity tie-in for this book. As you listen to this interview I think the one thing you'll notice is that we were having fun that day. We had a rapport. Kathi died a few years ago. She is missed by a lot of people. She was one of those really special individuals who always had a gleam in her eyes and a wry smile upon her lips.

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