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Book Nook: Dead if You Don't, by Peter James

Peter James returned to the program to talk about the latest installment in his series that features Detective Superintendent Roy Grace. Roy's beat is the seaside city of Brighton, England and as this story begins he's spending some time with his son Bruno. They are attending a soccer match at the new stadium. As the two are settling into their seats the ever observant Roy notices a young man who is sitting a few rows in front of them and in his view this fellow is exhibiting some peculiar behavior.

Meanwhile Kipp Brown, an affluent investment advisor has arrived at the stadium with his son Mungo. As they are heading inside to watch the match Kipp gets separated from Mungo. He presumes that the youth will head up to his firm's luxury suite but Mungo never arrives there. Where could he have gone?

Roy watches as the suspicious spectator just below them vacates his seat while leaving a camera behind. Roy immediately launches into survival mode. He goes on high alert as he quickly begins deciding what he should do about this potential threat to a stadium filled with Brighton fans. He wonders if that camera contains an explosive device and if it does, how can he safely remove it from the stadium?

As this drama is unfolding Kipp is fretting over the vanished Mungo. Where can his son be? What has become of him? Well, soon after the game Kipp realizes the horrible truth; that Mungo has been kidnapped by Albanian criminals and they are now holding him for ransom.

Once again Roy Grace is in the thick of the action. Peter James knows how to write compelling page turners. This thriller will have readers teetering breathlessly upon the edges of their stadium seats.

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