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Best of the Book Nook: Grand Eccentrics, by Mark Bernstein

One century ago Dayton, Ohio was a hotbed of industry and innovation. In his book "Grand Eccentrics - Turning the Century: Dayton and the Inventing of America" Mark Bernstein looked back at some of the men who were instrumental in making this area a thriving place during that period.

The men who Bernstein profiled were the Wright Brothers; Orville and Wilbur, John H. Patterson, Charles Kettering, Arthur Morgan, and James Cox. This book was recently reissued and we took the Book Nook on the road to record a second interview with Mark 22 years after this first conversation. The venue for our program was the Eichelberger Forum at the Dayton Metro Library. We had a live audience for that interview and we had hoped to be able to share it with our radio listeners but due to some unforeseen technical issues that was not possible.

Recently I recorded a third interview with Mark and we'll be sharing that one with you in the near future.

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