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City Says Water Supply Remains Safe After Tests Find Contaminant

New tests show low levels of a common toxin have leaked into Dayton’s drinking water supply. City officials believe the toxin is coming from Wright Patterson Air Force Base.

Tests done by the city found very low levels of chemicals known as per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances or PFAS in the drinking water supply. The contaminants had previously been found in raw groundwater.

PFAS is regularly used in many common household products and some firefighting foams used in aviation. The city found less than 13 parts per trillion in Dayton’s drinking water, far less than the EPA safety limit of 70 parts per trillion.

In a letter, officials assured customers the city’s water “remains safe” and asserted that authorities would continue to closely monitor the situation. Officials say they are now working to isolate the source or sources of the contamination.

City leaders publicly announced they suspected base activities had resulted in the contamination in February. Since then, base officials, U.S. Representative Mike Turner, and city officials have all vowed to work together to resolve the issue.

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