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Poor Will's Almanack: June 5 - 11, 2018

Poor Will’s Almanack for the second week of Early Summer, the fourth week of the Daddy Longlegs Moon, the third week of the Sun in Gemini

By this moment in the year, when the Gemini Sun has almost completed its ascent to solstice...so many things are happening all around us...and we are, in a way, what we experience.  And so here is our horoscope:

White-spotted skippers, tiger swallowtails and red admirals sample the garden. Roses flower in the dooryards. Yucca stalks are big and tall. May apples have fruit the size of a cherry. Foxtail grass ripples by the side of the road. Shy scarlet pimpernel opens off the pathways. Bindweeds and sweet peas color the fences with pastels. Blue chicory starts to lines the highways.

Oaks, Osage orange, locust and black walnut trees have set their fruit. There are bud clusters on the milkweeds, buds on the delicate touch-me-nots, buds on the giant blue hosta, buds on the yucca and purple coneflowers, the mallow and the early daylilies. Lizard’s tail flowers in ponds and streams. Watercress graces the brooks and rivers. In the fields, bottle grass and timothy are sweet for chewing.

Young grackles join their parents to harvest the ripening cherries and mulberries, filling the trees with their cackles. Painted turtles and box turtles are laying eggs.

This is Bill Felker with Poor Will’s Almanack. I’ll be back again next week with notes for the third week of  Early Summer. In the meantime, since you become what you experience. Check your horoscope, that is do some time watching: Whatever you see, there you are. 

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