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WYSO Weekend: November 26, 2017

In this edition of WYSO Weekend:


Numbers show more and more Americans are turning totechnologyfor help staying healthy and losing weight. Mobile step and calorie counters, fitness apps and wearable tech such as Fitbits are more popular than ever. With the season of holiday overindulgence underway, wetestedone of the newest fitness trends hitting the Miami Valley. It’s a health club machine that harnesses the power of 3D technology.  



Last week on Excursions,WYSOMusic directorNikiDakota helped shine the spotlight on two local choruses. Coming up we’ll hear a performance recorded live in our studios by the Central State University Chorus, but first,Niki’sconversation with members of the Dayton Gay Men’s Chorus - President Drew Huggins, and Artistic Director Kathy Clark. They spoke about theDGMC’supcoming holiday concert and a new project underway that involvesLGBTQAyouth in the Miami Valley.

Bill Felker has this week's Poor Will's Almanack.

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