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Best of the Book Nook: Feeding a Yen by Calvin Trillin


Fourteen years ago Calvin Trillin came out to Yellow Springs to do a live interview with me. I had not listened to the recording we made that afternoon until just recently and had forgotten how much fun we had had that day talking about food. I have had a number of food writers on the show over the years but I cannot think of any other guest who indulges in various gustatory delights with such gusto and obvious pleasure as Trillin does.

And it was one of those rare opportunities. I have never had another chance to interview him. He is now in his eighties and he continues his long association with the New Yorker. He joined the staff there when he was in his twenties. In this interview he talked about some of his other interests and endeavors which include writing poetry on deadline. His anecdotes about some of his food experiences are simply mouthwatering; there was the time he mentioned a particular dish to a cabbie and the driver whisked him away to a little restaurant in Queens to partake in that dish. We talked about bagels and barbecue and the evening when Trillin went to a wine tasting and guzzled the stuff like it was beer, his preferred beverage. I hope you enjoy listening to this tasty conversation.

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