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After US Departure, Ohio Mayors, Officials Join Alliance Of Support For Paris Climate Agreement

Several Ohio cities, colleges and universities are joining a nationwide alliance to create a show of force to the country that they’re dedicated to fighting climate change. The effort comes just days after the U.S. announced plans to leave the Paris Climate Agreement. But the alliance in Ohio seems to stop at the local level.

Credit David Grant / Flickr/Creative Commons

 includes officials from the city of Cincinnati, University of Dayton, Denison University, and Oberlin and Kenyon Colleges.  Dan Firger with the Bloomberg Philanthropies’ environment program said this will send a message to the world.

“Our goal is to measure and quantify that climate impact with the rest of the world so that as the White House threatens to walk away from Paris that we can say loudly with one voice, ‘we’re all still in'," Firger said.Gov. John Kasich has criticized President Donald Trump for leaving the Paris deal. But Kasich has not said if Ohio would join such an alliance.

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