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DPS Superintendent Addresses Transportation Issues At Town Hall Meeting

About 50 people attended a Dayton Public Schools town hall meeting on Wednesday to discuss transportation issues. The district is dealing with a bus driver shortage that has caused buses to be frequently late or missing altogether.  



At the meeting, Superintendent Rhonda Corr laid out several solutions to the problem, including having seventh and eighth grade students take RTA buses to school instead of district buses. That suggestion prompted safety concerns from some parents and teachers.



 DPS Special Education teacher Jana, who chose only to be identified by her first name, said she has reservations about the plan.


“Because we have seventh graders and eighth graders in our building, and some of them are very immature. And to think that is their only way to get to school, or to depend on a parent who may not have transportation? I think that’s expecting a lot from children who are so young.”


Other proposals included changing school start times and requiring DPS students who attend a school outside of their city quadrant to transport themselves.

Corr is holding another town hall meeting Thursday at 5:30 p.m. atWogaman Middle School. Two more meetings will be held next week.

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