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Book Nook: Leo Durocher - Baseball's Prodigal Son, by Paul Dickson

Paul Dickson is one of the most prolific writers I know. He has written over sixty books. His most recent one, "Leo Durocher - Baseball's Prodigal Son," is the biography of one of the most colorful and controversial baseball personalities of the 20th century.


Leo Durocher was a star shortstop for a number of teams. He played for the Yankees, the Reds, the Cardinals, the Dodgers, and the Giants. When he was nearing the end of his playing career he became a player/manager as he made the transition to becoming one of the legendary managers of his era. Dickson captures Durocher's abrasive and obnoxious personality. He loved to bait umpires. Durocher's on-field antics became the model for a number of successful baseball managers who were to follow him.

Off the field Durocher was a flashy dresser, a gambler, a big spender, and eventually he became a Hollywood celebrity. He had a huge presence.

I'm grateful to the Antioch Writer's Workshop for having had the opportunity to meet Paul Dickson. One summer when the AWW was underway here in Yellow Springs I noticed a distinguished looking gentleman working away at a table in the Underdog Cafe downtown. That particular coffee house is a well known refuge and enclave for writers. I asked him if he was a writer? Little did I know. He was a member of the AWW faculty that year and we have stayed in touch ever since. I look forward to his books and the chance to have yet another radio conversation with this erudite and voluble man. Thanks, Paul.

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