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Dear Mr. President: Immigration – Make America Love Again

Dear Mr. President asks what you want to say about your community. Today, we’ll hear letters about immigration, a topic that’s generated a lot of controversy since President Donald Trump took office.


Earlier this year, WYSO producers went to 10 Miami Valley libraries to record people’s letters to the president. Many of our writers talked about the Trump administration’s actions on refugees and immigrants.

Some worried for the safety of their friends, families and neighbors. Others saw the president’s policies as a departure from the country’s values of being welcoming to immigrants.

This piece includes some – but not all – of our letter-writers’ names.

Featured letter-writer Dr. Karen Townsend, 54, says, “even if it’s not my fight, I have to have a voice, and I will always be an advocate for those who are not being treated fairly or justly.”

Townsend was recorded at the Northwest Dayton public library. This episode was produced by Jess Mador and features music by composer Sam Keenan. Special thanks to our WYSO Dear Mr. President Library-Day partners.

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