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PoliticsOhio: Obamacare Repeal And Replace Bill Pulled From Vote

The Republican bill that was to begin the repeal and replacement of the Affordable Care Act, known asObamacare,was pulled from a congressional vote on Friday. The bill did not have the support it neededto pass. In this week’s PoliticsOhio, WYSO's Jerry Kenney spoke to KarenKaslerof the Ohio Statehouse News Bureau on where some Ohio legislators fell on the issue.


Also in this conversation, this week the Ohio Senate passed legislation providing more than $7.8 billion to fund construction and maintenance of the state's transportation system. Reportedly, the bill features some safety enhancements, and could put tens of thousands ofOhioansto work.Kaslersay the budget bill is somewhat different than the one proposed by Ohio Governor JohnKasich.

 PoliticsOhio is a wrap-up of the week's important political news in the state. Each Friday during All Things Considered, the WYSO news department talks with political reporters and experts from across Ohio about local and statewide news.

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