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Pro And Anti Planned-Parenthood Protests Planned For Saturday

Abortion rights supporters at Ohio Statehouse in 2015
Abortion rights supporters at Ohio Statehouse in 2015

Dueling abortion protests both for and against Planned Parenthood are on tap for Dayton Saturday.

Abortion rights supporters at Ohio Statehouse in 2015
Credit Jo Ingles

The group Dayton Right to Life is organizing a rally for the “National Day to Defund Planned Parenthood” -- a day of action at clinics across the country aiming to pressure lawmakers to defund the women’s health organization.

And pro-choice activists are planning their own rally in support of Planned Parenthood in downtown Dayton. Dayton Women’s Rights Alliance organizer Joy Schwab says data shows one-in-five American women have used Planned Parenthood for general women’s health services.

“Only three percent of what Planned Parenthood does involves abortions," she says. "I feel Right to Life and other anti-choice groups, if they want to reduce the number of abortions, they are targeting the wrong organization because by preventing unwanted pregnancies, that has reduced the amount of abortions more than all of these restrictions that the anti-choice people keep trying to put on abortion services and access.”

President Donald Trump has promised to end taxpayer-funded abortion and to choose what he has called a quote "pro-life" justice for the Supreme Court.

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