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Book Nook: Burning Bright, by Nick Petrie

Lee Child is one of the most generous writers around. He is an advocate for other writers. He provides enthusiastic blurbs for books he has enjoyed reading. A blurb from Lee Child can really give an unknown author a boost. I have Lee Child to thank for turning me on to a writer named Nicholas Petrie. Lee returned to the program recently and I quizzed him about books that he has really liked. He responded with a hearty endorsement of the work of Nick Petrie.



I tracked down Nick's first novel and I thoroughly enjoyed it. And when Nick's second offering, "Burning Bright" was slated to be released I was on the case. We recorded this interview with Nick before the book had actually come out.

And what a book it is. In this sophomore effort featuring the troubled military veteran Peter Ash readers encounter a shadowy organization that is trying to harness the technology of artificial intelligence to perpetrate evil deeds. Oh, and Peter develops a love interest in this one. There's a chase scene that is brilliant and rather violent. And Peter meets that love interest up in a tree. You can't make this stuff up. OK, I suppose you can, if you have an imagination like Nick Petrie's. Enjoy!

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