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Book Nook: IQ, by Joe Ide

On occasion I like to ask authors for tips on books that they have enjoyed recently. The other day I asked Lee Child for some reading suggestions. He said he always can count on John Sandford and Michael Connelly to provide him with entertaining reads. Then he suggested that I should read "The Drifter," a debut novel by Nicholas Petrie. I just finished reading it and I enjoyed it. Petrie's protagonist is a bit like Lee Child's Jack Reacher.



I have interviewed John Sandford twice during 2016. In our first conversation he talked about his admiration for Lee Child's series featuring Jack Reacher. The other day I asked him for reading suggestions and he told me that he really loved a new novel called "IQ" by Joe Ide.

So I picked up "IQ" and I have to agree, the book is fabulous. "IQ" is Joe Ide's debut novel and I'm hoping he'll focus on writing a series. "IQ" is the name of his sleuth, a young man who is a ghetto Sherlock Holmes. The author grew up in south central Los Angeles and he has the jargon down. IQ is a determined young man who has had some rough breaks. He's been involved in criminal activity. And he has a fabulous sidekick. I won't spoil it for you by saying any more about this engaging story. Listen to the interview then check out this crime novel. Remember his name; Joe Ide. I'm hoping to hear a lot more from him.

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