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WYSO Weekend: November 13, 2016

Welcome to WYSO Weekend, our weekly radio magazine. Check out this week's features below, and you can hear past episodes here.



  • This week, WYSO began season 3 of Veterans' Voices, stories about local military veterans produced by student veterans at Wright State University. Last year, NPR Veterans Correspondent Quil Lawrence visited Wright State to talk to students about his experiences as a war correspondent. He spoke to Marine Corps veteran, and Wright State student Jeremy Dobbins of Springfield about what they have in common. 
  • Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s loss to Republican President elect Donald Trump wasn’t the only blistering defeat for Ohio’s Democratic Party. The state Legislature, which was already Republican dominated, became even redder. Statehouse correspondent Jo Ingles talked with the leader of the Ohio Democratic Party about the loss and where the party goes from here.
  • Wright Memorial Public Library is inviting local residents to share their thoughts and reactions to the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election in an oral history project in the next week. To get the details about it we spoke with the Wright Library's Robyn Case who’s leading the project.
  • The role of coal as an energy source is diminishing in this country. Ten years ago, half of the electricity in this country came from burning coal, but today, that number has dropped to one third. The coal companies have claimed that the Obama administration is waging a war on coal. But sustainability commentator Bob Brecha isn’t so sure. Bob Brecha is a professor of Physics and Renewable and Clean Energy at the University of Dayton. He is Research Director of UD's Hanley Sustainability Institute and tweets @BobBrecha.
  • This week in our music feature we bring you part of Juliet Fromholt's in-studio interview with Dayton's Goodnight Goodnight. The band has a new album out and an upcoming release party planned. Check out this excerpt from Kaleidoscope for the details.


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