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Xenia, Fairborn Ask Voters To Approve Funds For New School Construction

Xenia and Fairborn Schools are asking voters to approve additional funding to construct new school buildings.

Fairborn City Schools is hoping to replace its elementary school buildings, which are over 50 years old.

“There are leaky roof issues, water comes from the floor from the ground, technology has become an issue with wiring and routers," said Fairborn City Schools spokesperson Pam Gayheart. "So they’re just really old and it’s hard to fix everything that is going wrong.


Credit User: Paradox 56 / Flickr/Creative Commons

Xenia’s middle and high school buildings are about as old, and both districts say it’s more cost-effective to replace the buildings instead of repairing them. That’s partially because the state’s Facility Construction Commission will pick up part of the tab, as long as the school districts can get voters to chip in as well.

Fairborn is asking voters to approve a 2.7 mill bond issue. Xenia’s bond issue is 3.9 mill.

If the issues pass, construction on the new buildings could be completed in 3 to 5 years. If voters reject the measures, districts could lose out on state funding for the projects.

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