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Book Nook: The Prison Guard's Son, by Trace Conger


Trace Conger's latest Mr. Finn detective novel is his third in the series. In this one Mr. Finn a Cincinnati based private investigator has been hired by another questionable client. Finn is forced to accept some shady projects because he has lost his PI license and he really needs the income.

The client, a prison guard, is trying to locate two men who murdered his son. At the time the crime took place the client's son was a small boy and his killers were only a few years older. Conger got his inspiration for this tale of children murdering children from the tragic James Bulger case in England.

Mr. Finn understands that if he does help his client to locate his son's killers that he might become an accomplice to a crime himself if his client decides to wreak vengeance upon these two men who have served their time and are now living under new identities that were created for them by the US Marshal's Service.

Mr. Finn ends up in Texas where he tracks down both men. Read the book to find out what happens next.

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