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Wright State Students Head to Presidential Debate

Several students at Wright State University are in New York today to attend the first presidential debate.

Credit K. Shimada/Wikimedia Commons

After the university backed out of hosting the debate in July, the replacement school, Hofstra University, offered 15 tickets to Wright State students.Rebecca Brinkman, a nursing student, got one of them,"I won the golden ticket.”

Wright State selected each student through a lottery system. Their trips are donor-funded.

All 15 arrived in New York yesterday and will take a tour of Hofstra’s campus and speak with students before watching the debate tonight.

Brinkman says she’s going into tonight’s event with an open mind,“Because I haven’t truly been impressed by either to be honest. And I really hope one of them can change my mind so I can have an educated vote this year because right now it’s just a jumble.”

The first presidential debate begins at 9 o’clock. WYSO will be airing live coverage from NPR News.

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