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WYSO Weekend: September 18, 2016


Welcome to WYSO Weekend, the home ofWYSOproduced news and features! In today's program you'll hearDayton Youth Radio, Community Voices, andWYSO’soccasional Arts series, Culture Couch. See the full details below.

  • The latest polls show Incumbent senator Rob Portman has double digit lead over Former Governor Ted Strickland in the U.S. Senate race. ForPoliticsOhio,WYSO’sAprilLaissletalked with Statehouse Correspondent Jo Ingles about how political ads are affecting the race.
  • In 1966 riots broke out in West Dayton that would affect the community for decades. Out of those riots was born the Wesley Community Center, which for the last fifty years has provided educational, workforce and healthcare services to local residents. They now serve more than 7000 people annually. In this interview with WYSO, Yvette Kelly-Fields talks about the center's history, mission and services. She also tells us how the center is celebrating their fifty-years of service to Dayton's west side.
  • In 2015 floriculture sales made up a 31.3 billion dollar industry according to the Society of American Florists. 78 percent of those flowers came from Columbia, which became a competitive market thanks to the Columbian Free Trade Agreement, that gave the country duty-­free access to the U.S. market. Low wages make imported flowers cheaper than U.S. produced. The average flower worker in Columbia makes 6 dollars a day and can work up to 70 hour weeks without overtime.
  • This has spurred a trend in the U.S. towards locally grown fresh flowers called the Field to Vase Movement. Community Voices producer Renee Wilde takes a look at two growers in Ohio.
  • This week on Dayton Youth Radio we'll meet a teenager who shares a love of music with her mom
  • In the16thcentury, if a person said you were Woolgathering it meant you were daydreaming. This came from the act of peasants ambling along sheep paths and gathering up the tufts of wool where it had snagged on fences and thorny bushes. This weekend woolgathering is being proudly used to describe one of the largest gatherings of fiber artists with over 100 vendors from across the country. They’ll converge on Young’s Jersey Dairy in Yellow Springs, Ohio for the21stAnnual Woolgathering.




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