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Book Nook: You Will Know Me, by Megan Abbott

Earlier this year I had the novelist Lisa Lutz on the program and I asked her for suggestions on any books and writers that I should be reading. She told me that I had to check out the work of Megan Abbott. So I did. That was a lovely suggestion.



Megan's latest novel "You Will Know Me" is a tense psychological thriller about a family that has become completely immersed in the world of gymnastics. There are just the four of them; the mother, the father, the sister, and the little brother. The daughter is a gymnastics prodigy and the family has been making incredible sacrifices of their time and finances with the hope that she will become an Olympic gymnast. Meanwhile little brother endures patiently in his own world of science experiments and tagging along while his sister gets most of the attention.

When a handsome young man who has been spending a lot of time around the gymnasts and their families is killed in a tragic accident by a hit and run driver this plot begins to coagulate. There were a lot of different women who thought that this young man was very attractive. Questions begin to be asked; why was this young man walking along that particular deserted road at that time? Is it possible that the driver of the mystery vehicle that ran him over might have done it on purpose?

In "You Will Know Me" Megan Abbott has skillfully crafted a murder mystery that will leave you breathless by the conclusion. So unexpected. So entertaining. If you have not read any books by Megan Abbott I would suggest that you do so. She crafts her stories with delicacy and finesse. I'm very impressed. Oh, and be sure to check out the work of Lisa Lutz as well. Her most recent novel "The Passenger" knocked me out of my recliner. At the end of this interview Megan talks about a TV project that she's working on at the moment. It's a show about the formerly decadent area of New York City known as Times Square. This is another project from David Simon and the writers are Megan Abbott, Lisa Lutz, George Pelecanos, and Richard Price.

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